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White Label SEO Services

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What is White Label SEO?

White Label SEO is a collaborative approach where we act as an extension of your agency, offering expert SEO services under your brand. Think of us as your silent powerhouse, working diligently in the background to boost your clients’ rankings and deliver tangible results.

With our White Label SEO services, you can focus on what you do best – growing your client base and nurturing relationships. Let us handle the technical intricacies of SEO while your agency continues to thrive.

Why White Label SEO is Effective for Agencies

White Label SEO has emerged as a highly effective strategy for agencies seeking to expand their service offerings and cater to the growing demand for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Here are key reasons why agencies find White Label SEO so effective:

1. Cost

In-house SEO expertise can be a substantial financial commitment for agencies. Hiring full-time SEO specialists, providing them with competitive salaries, and investing in their continuous training and tools can significantly impact an agency’s budget.

On the other hand, a White Label SEO company operates on a retainer basis. This will allow your agency to access top-tier SEO services without the fixed overhead costs of hiring and maintaining an in-house team. This cost-efficient approach will enable you to allocate your budget more effectively while still delivering exceptional SEO results to your clients.

2. Resources

Effective SEO requires a diverse skill set encompassing technical proficiency, content creation, link-building, keyword research, analytics, and more. By collaborating with a White Label SEO partner like us, you gain access to a team of SEO experts with a wide range of expertise.

This collective knowledge ensures that you can meet the varied and evolving needs of your clients. Whether it’s a technical site audit, content optimisation, or local SEO, you can tap into a wealth of resources to deliver comprehensive solutions that drive results.

3. Industry Trends and Algorithm Updates

The SEO landscape is dynamic, with algorithm updates, industry trends, and new technologies continually shaping the field. Staying ahead of these changes demands on-going education and adaptation.

As a White Label SEO provider, we invest in staying up-to-date with the latest SEO developments. Your agency can benefit from our proactive approach, ensuring that your clients receive cutting-edge strategies and tactics that keep them competitive in the ever-evolving digital marketplace. Our SEO insights and techniques allow you to offer the most current and effective services to your clients.

4. Contract vs. Full-Time Employees

Flexibility is a significant advantage of White Label SEO for agencies. Unlike hiring full-time employees, which often requires long-term contracts and commitment, you can engage with us on a project-by-project or retainer basis.

This flexibility enables you to scale your SEO services up or down as needed, adapting to client demands and market fluctuations. Whether it’s a short-term campaign or on-going SEO support, you can tailor your engagement with us to suit your specific needs and client preferences.

5. Expertise in Niche Markets

As a White Label SEO provider, we have expertise in niche markets and industries. This specialised knowledge can be invaluable for agencies with clients in specific sectors such as healthcare, finance, legal, real estate or eCommerce.

By partnering with us, you can deliver highly targeted and effective SEO strategies. This industry-specific expertise ensures that your agency receives SEO solutions tailored to your clients’ unique challenges. This can enhance your agency’s reputation and client satisfaction.

6. Scalability for Growth

White Label SEO allows agencies to scale their operations efficiently. As your agency attracts new clients or expands your service offerings, you can seamlessly integrate additional SEO services by leveraging the capabilities of your White Label SEO partner.

This scalability empowers you to pursue growth opportunities without being hindered by resource limitations. Whether it’s taking on more clients or venturing into new markets, our White Label SEO can provide you with the agility needed to adapt and thrive in a competitive digital landscape.

Our White Label SEO Services

At Robot-TXT, we understand that every client is unique, and their SEO needs may vary. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of White Label SEO services tailored to cater to a diverse range of requirements.

Services Offered:

SEO Site Audit

Our SEO Site Audit is the first step in identifying areas for improvement on your clients’ websites. We meticulously analyse their sites, pinpointing technical issues and opportunities for optimisation, all to increase organic traffic.

Page Experience Audit

In today’s digital landscape, user experience is critical. Our Page Experience Audit ensures that your clients’ websites provide a seamless and engaging experience for visitors. This ultimately boosts rankings, conversions, and organic traffic.

SEO Competitor Analysis

To outperform the competition, you need to understand it. Our SEO Competitor Analysis provides insights into your clients’ competitors’ strategies. This helps us formulate a winning SEO campaign strategy that sets them apart and increases organic traffic.

SEO Strategy

Every successful SEO campaign starts with a solid strategy. We craft a customised SEO Strategy for each client. We outline goals, tactics, and timelines to achieve measurable results and organic traffic growth.

Local SEO

For businesses targeting a local audience, our Local SEO services optimise online visibility in specific geographic areas. We’ll ensure your clients’ businesses appear prominently in local search results, on Google Maps, and in online directories, driving organic traffic.

International SEO

For businesses with a global reach, our International SEO services help them expand their presence beyond borders. We navigate the complexities of international markets, from language considerations to local SEO nuances to drive organic traffic worldwide.

SEO Keyword Research

Keywords are the backbone of SEO. We conduct in-depth SEO Keyword Research to identify the most relevant and high-impact keywords for your clients’ industries. Making use of these keywords in content and metadata helps drive targeted organic traffic and improve their SEO rankings.

Content Gap Analysis

Our Content Gap Analysis reveals opportunities for creating valuable content that fills gaps in your clients’ existing content strategy. This content is aimed at enhancing their authority, relevance, and organic traffic.

Backlink Analysis

High-quality backlinks are essential for SEO success. We assess the quality of your clients’ backlinks, disavow toxic ones, and build a robust backlink strategy. This helps to improve their website’s authority and organic traffic.

Content Optimisation

Optimised content is the foundation of SEO. Our Content Optimisation services ensure that your clients’ web pages are not only informative but also search-engine-friendly. This is key to getting higher rankings, increased organic traffic, and better SEO campaign results.

SEO Content Creation

Engaging, SEO-optimised content is essential for rankings, user satisfaction and building authority. With the content gaps identified as basis, we create compelling SEO Content that resonates with your clients’ target audiences and drives meaningful engagement.

eCommerce SEO

For clients in the competitive world of online retail, we specialise in eCommerce SEO. We optimise product listings, enhance user experience, and implement strategies to increase organic traffic and drive conversions.

Mobile SEO

Our Mobile SEO services ensure that your clients’ websites are fully optimised for mobile devices. We enhance load times, mobile-friendliness, and overall mobile user experience. This is crucial for capturing a broader audience and increasing organic traffic from mobile users.

Analytics and Reporting

Transparency is key. We provide comprehensive analytics and SEO white label reporting, allowing you to offer transparent SEO services to your clients. Our reports include easy-to-understand data and insights, demonstrating the impact on organic traffic and overall SEO campaign performance.

Our SEO Process

White Label SEO Service – Search engine optimisation process. Robot-TXT Search Marketing Consultancy.


Partnering with us goes beyond just the services we provide. It also involves a robust support system that ensures smooth collaboration and client satisfaction.

Here’s how we offer support:

1. Project Management

Effective project management is at the core of successful SEO campaigns. At Robot-TXT have dedicated project managers who oversee the entire process. They ensure that tasks are assigned, deadlines are met, and the campaign stays on track. You can rely on our expertise to keep your clients’ SEO campaigns organised and efficient.

2. Accessibility

Accessibility is crucial for seamless communication. We provide direct contact information, allowing your agency to reach out for queries, updates, or urgent matters.

Additionally, we facilitate indirect communication through portals or project management tools, streamlining the flow of information. This accessibility ensures that you and your clients stay informed and engaged throughout the campaign.

3. SEO Reporting

Transparent reporting is key to demonstrating the value of SEO efforts to clients. We offer comprehensive SEO reporting services. Our team generates detailed reports that your agency can brand as your own before presenting them to clients.

These reports include key performance indicators, analytics data, keyword rankings, and insights into the progress of the campaign. SEO reporting not only keeps your clients informed but also helps in data-driven decision-making for on-going optimisation.

4. Troubleshooting and Problem Solving

When challenges or obstacles arise during an SEO campaign, we offer guidance and solutions to address these issues effectively. Our experienced team is adept at identifying bottlenecks, implementing corrective measures, and providing on-going support. This ensures that your campaigns not only recover but also thrive in the face of adversity.

We’re committed to delivering not just results, but solutions to any hurdles that may come your way. This allows your agency to maintain client satisfaction and project success.

5. Technical Support

We offer support for any technical issues or challenges related to SEO tools or software. Our dedicated technical support team is available to troubleshoot, provide solutions, and offer expert guidance whenever you encounter difficulties.

Rest assured that our technical experts will ensure the seamless operation of SEO tools and software. This means that your agency can focus on delivering exceptional SEO services to your clients without disruptions.

6. Sales and Marketing Support

We can assist you in creating marketing materials, sales collateral, and pitch presentations. We also offer guidance on how to effectively communicate the value of SEO services to potential clients.

What Sets Robot-TXT’s White Label SEO Services Apart?

Robot-TXT stands out in the White Label SEO landscape for several key reasons:

Tailored Solutions

We customise our services to match the unique needs of each agency and their clients, whether it’s local, eCommerce, or international SEO.

Proven Expertise

Our experienced team consistently delivers exceptional results, staying current with industry trends.

Transparent Reporting

We provide detailed reports, fostering trust and helping your agency communicate your value to clients.

Collaborative Partnership

We view our relationship as a true partnership, working closely with your team to ensure top-quality SEO solutions.

Constant Innovation

We stay ahead in the ever-evolving SEO field. We adapt to algorithm changes to maintain our clients’ competitive edge.


Our services are designed to scale seamlessly, accommodating agencies of all sizes.

Outstanding Support

Beyond technical aspects, we offer comprehensive support, from project management and marketing materials to technical support.

Expand Your Service Offering and Deliver Results

White Label SEO is an effective solution if you are looking to offer comprehensive SEO services to your clients. This, while mitigating costs, accessing a diverse range of expertise, staying current with industry trends, and enjoying flexible engagement options.

By partnering with us, you can confidently expand your service offerings and deliver outstanding results to your clients, fostering long-term growth.

At Robot-TXT, we are your trusted partner and White Label SEO reseller, ready to assist you in offering exceptional SEO services to your clients while you take the credit. Contact us today to explore how our White Label SEO services can enhance your agency’s offerings and elevate client satisfaction.

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